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Your Guide to 18mm MDF Cut To Size

MDF Direct has rapidly emerged as one of the leading suppliers in the UK for 18mm MDF sheets cut to size. We offer a wide range of MDF boards in various thicknesses to cater to different requirements. Our goal is to simplify the process of ordering 18mm MDF sheets cut to size and ensure prompt delivery throughout England and Wales. Whether you’re working on a DIY project or a commercial venture, we can easily provide 18mm MDF sheets cut to your specifications.


While you have the option to cut the sheets yourself, our precision cutting service is a cost-effective solution that saves you time and eliminates exposure to dust. Moreover, it guarantees a high level of size accuracy down to the millimeter. By offering 18mm MDF sheets cut to size, we save you the hassle and time. You only pay for the exact size of MDF you need, and we continually expand our product selection to meet your evolving needs.

We have developed a streamlined system to efficiently process each order, ensuring minimal effort for our customers, whether they’re engaged in DIY tasks or commercial projects. Here’s how we do it:

What is Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF)?

Medium-density fibreboard, or MDF, is a lightweight and durable engineered wood material made by combining wood fibers and pulp with wax and resin. It is significantly more affordable than solid planks since it utilizes byproducts from other wood manufacturing processes. Standard MDF sheets are available in various lengths and thicknesses, and they can be purchased as full sheets or cut to size. Additionally, there are different types of MDF boards available (see below) to suit specific requirements.

How is MDF made?

In the 1920s, William Mason devised a method to repurpose discarded wood chips from traditional plank processing. His efforts led to the creation of a new material known as medium-density fibreboard or MDF.

The manufacturing process of standard MDF sheets involves collecting wood chips and sawdust, which are then combined with a resin to bind the particles together.

Through compression, the wood chips form uniform sheets, resulting in a thin yet strong piece of wood that is easy to cut to size and shape accurately down to the millimeter.

How Medite MDF is Made – Courtesy of Medite MDF

What are 18mm MDF sheets used for?

18mm MDF sheets are incredibly versatile construction materials suitable for various applications, including DIY projects and professional use. They are commonly used to create furniture for homes, thanks to their lightweight nature and paintability. Some typical interior applications for 18mm MDF boards include:

  • Wardrobes
  • Doors
  • Media units
  • Bunk beds
  • Kitchen cabinets
  • Shelving units

For design ideas, visit @mdfdirect.


Types of MDF boards and sheets

At MDF Direct, we offer an extensive and expanding range of sheets, and our dedicated customer service team is happy to consider stocking any engineered wood-based sheets you may require. While our primary service is providing 18mm MDF sheets cut to size, we also supply full MDF sheets and other wood sheet options. Here are some types of MDF boards we offer:

Medite Premier MDF

This all-purpose MDF is made using advanced wood chip processing technology and special resins. Its surface properties make it ideal for thin laminates and precise cutting to the millimeter. Standard grade MDF sheets cut to size are suitable for most indoor projects.

Medite moisture-resistant MDF

Moisture Resistant MDF is specifically designed for internal humid interiors like kitchens and bathrooms, this moisture-resistant MDF (MR MDF) incorporates additional paraffin wax to enhance its resistance to moisture. It is also suitable for wall panelling.

Ready-to-paint MDF

Featuring a smooth surface, this Ready to Paint MDF sheet comes with a primer coating, making it easy to paint with oil- or water-based products. Please note that only the surface is primed, and the edges should be painted separately.

Flame retardant MDF (FR MDF)

Flame retardant MDF (FR MDF) is developed to enhance fire protection, flame retardant MDF is commonly used in public buildings. It can be painted, but the coating may affect its fire rating performance. This type of MDF is often used in exhibitions, wall linings, display panels, ceilings, and partitions.


Neatmatch moisture-resistant MDF is designed for high humidity environments, providing a durable solution.

Finsa Hydrofugo moisture-resistant MDF

Finsa Hydrofugo moisture-resistant MDF is dense fibreboard is used in joinery, carpentry, and furniture for humid areas.

Medite flexible MDF

Medite flexible MDF with minor cuts on the back, these MDF sheets can be flexed and fixed into desired curved surfaces, making them ideal for exhibitions and product displays.

Medite clear MDF

Medite clear is made without added formaldehyde, this MDF board caters to consumers seeking environmentally sensitive interior designs.

Tricoya MDF

Utilizing modified wood timber technology, Tricoya MDF is suitable for outdoor applications due to its enhanced dimensional stability.

MDF Radiator Grilles

These conventional MDF radiator grilles boards feature delicate lattice cutout details down to the millimeter, providing safety and an appealing aesthetic for radiators.

High Gloss Acrylic Scratch Resistant MDF

With a glossy appearance and a smooth surface, this high gloss acrylic scratch-resistant variant is a popular choice for furniture applications.

Textured Melamine Faced MDF

Featuring a soft, undulating finish, this Melamine-faced boards board is faced with melamine, a compound known for its aesthetic properties.

Velvet Ultramat MDF

Resembling velvet, this Velvet Ultramat board boasts a matte finish that resists fingerprints, making it ideal for kitchen doors and panels.

MDF Mouldings

MDF is also used for various interior mouldings, including architraves, skirting, and window boards:

  • Architrave: is an interior moulding material that frames windows and doorways.
  • Skirting: is a paintable board that protects areas of walls close to the floor.
  • Window board: pieces of wood found adjacent to and directly underneath windows.

Woodgrain Effect Melamine-Faced MDF

Woodgrain effect melamine-faced MDF  is designed to mimic the appearance of wood, this melamine-faced MDF offers a woodgrain effect.

Medite Exterior MDF

Typical external is type of MDF is suitable for external applications such as garden furniture, outdoor display stands, boat interiors, external door parts, and scoreboards.


Valchromat is an MDF-like material that undergoes individual impregnation of wood fibers with organic dyes. It is bound together using a proprietary resin, resulting in distinct mechanical and physical features.

Valchromat comes in multiple colors and is used for wall cladding, bathrooms, shelving, countertops, and kitchen cabinets.


What type of MDF should I use?


We offer free samples of all our products in standard thicknesses. You can request samples by completing the Sample Request form at the top left of this page. The service is provided at no cost, and you can expect delivery within a couple of days.

Our 18mm MDF Cut to Size Service

Ordering various types of flat treated and standard MDF cut to size to the millimeter is straightforward with MDF Direct. Simply select the desired material type and specify the required thickness, length, and width in millimeters. Our 18mm MDF sheets are affordable and more cost-effective than working with natural wood. Moreover, their production has minimal impact on the environment. You have the flexibility to purchase only the exact size you need, keeping the prices down. Add the items to your basket now!

Can I order 18mm MDF that is cut to size?

Please note that we only cut rectangular pieces of standard 18mm MDF to the length, thickness, and width you specify. We do not provide cutting services for angles, radius corners, or custom shapes. However, you can complete radius corners as a DIY task or hire a trained joiner to assist you.

How do you achieve precise cuts for 18mm MDF?

We utilize Striebig Panel saws, known for their accuracy of +/-0.1mm. These precision-engineered machines meet the demanding requirements of panel processors like us. Our saws automate the cutting process, reducing the risk of human errors. Striebig’s “touch and saw” feature enables us to achieve unparalleled levels of accuracy when cutting wood sheets.

Delivery Service

We offer next-day delivery for both cut to size orders and full sheets at a reasonable price. Our vans are equipped with internal racking systems to ensure that materials remain flat and safe during transit, guaranteeing they arrive in excellent condition. Our drivers are known for their helpfulness and friendliness.

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To arrange delivery, simply select your preferred delivery date during the checkout process, and we will ensure that your materials are delivered on that day.

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We take pride in providing a fast and efficient 18mm MDF cut to size service. Our attention to detail, quality materials, accurate sizes, careful packaging, and safe delivery set us apart.

For more information, please feel free to give us a call or use the chat function on our website.