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MDF Wall Panels From MDF Direct

Here at MDF Direct, we understand that our customers want cost effective solutions without compromising on quality materials. With this in mind, we provide a free design service and send you the design together with a quotation of MDF materials you would need to complete the project.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about our MDF wall panelling solutions and design service.

What are the Benefits of Choosing MDF Wall Panelling?

Wood wall panelling has long been a favourite decorative choice for homes. Wall panels provide an attractive feature to any room – living room, bedroom, bathroom or hall.

Introduces Character to the Space

If you want to instantly add character to your rooms, MDF wall panelling is ideal. Panels are widely used in period properties, which gives them an appealing quality. Unlike wall coverings that go in and out of fashion, panels offer a characterful aesthetic that never goes out of style.

Suitable for Painting

Once installed, your wall panelling can be painted in whatever colour you choose and with various paint types. MDF wall panelling can be painted with every kind of paint, from gloss to eggshell. Whichever type of paint you select, you can be sure that it will consistently deliver an attractive finish.

Whether you prefer the minimalist look of white paint or would like to create an atmospheric look with a bold on trend paint colour, this can all be achieved with the help of painted MDF wall panelling.

MDF is a responsibly sourced material, as it is made from discarded wood chippings that would otherwise go to waste. These wood fibres are then combined with a resin to bond the wood dust together before pressure is applied, and the wood fibres are compressed.

Due to it being made from waste wood chippings, this responsibly sourced product does not cause additional trees to be cut down. This makes MDF wall panelling a more environmentally friendly choice when compared to traditional wood wall panelling.

Shaker Style MDF Wall Panelling

Shaker wall panelling is on trend right now and is an excellent way to enhance rooms. This popular choice of wood wall panelling is made cost effective by choosing MDF over solid wood.

The shaker style of wall panels is widely chosen for bedrooms but can also be used to add some texture and style in other rooms of the home.

MDF panelling strips with mouldings can be used to create an open-backed grid effect

Where can MDF Wall Panelling Be Used?

MDF wall panels can be used in rooms throughout the home. Wherever you want to add character to your walls, wall panelling is an excellent choice. Here are some of the most popular rooms for wall panelling to be used:

Bedroom Wall Panels

Fitting panels to your bedroom walls is an ideal way to inject style into the room. When used in bedrooms, wall panelling is an attractive choice for the wall where your bed is situated. Installing wood wall panelling on the wall at the head of your bed helps create a perfect contrast with your bedroom furniture.

Fitting wall panelling on just one wall to make it a feature is a simple DIY project that delivers a strong impact.

Bathroom Wall Panels

Add some extra interest to plain bathroom walls with bathroom wall panelling. Wall panels for bathrooms are made using moisture resistant MDF.

Choosing moisture resistant MDF ensures that your wall panels can withstand the high humidity levels in the room. These wall panels make an excellent choice if you want an alternative to plain painted walls or tiles in your bathroom.

Kitchen Wall Panels

MDF wall panelling in the kitchen works in contemporary and traditional rooms. So whatever the style of your room, you can be sure that wall panelling will enhance it. As with bathroom wall panelling, kitchen panels must also be made from moisture resistant MDF. Choosing MDF, which has been treated to ensure that it is resistant to moisture, will help prevent it from being damaged by steam when cooking.

Living Room and Dining Room Wall Panels

Creating a living and dining area that showcases your sense of style while also adding character to the room can be challenging. If you are looking for ideas that enhance the room without a professional finish. clashing with your furniture, choosing to fix wooden panelling to the walls is a DIY decorating solution that will provide

Shaker style details can form the basis of an attractive design for your room. Introducing these features lets you demonstrate your sense of style and eye for detail without overwhelming your living space.

Shaker-style wall panels are an excellent choice for a living room.

Are you planning to redecorate your home? Giving your home a makeover is an excellent way to get it looking at its best.

Redecorating your space will help create an environment that looks attractive and is a comfortable place to spend your time. But knowing how best to decorate can be challenging.

One simple but highly effective way to improve the interior of your house is to install wall panelling. Adding wall panelling is a perfect home decorating project guaranteed to make your rooms look better.

Enjoy a FREE MDF Wall Panelling Design Service From MDF Direct

Knowing how to design MDF wall panelling can be challenging. But there is no need to do it yourself. At MDF Direct, we now offer a free wall panelling design service.

Our free design service provides a complete wall panel solution for your home.

How to Order MDF Wall Panelling Strips From MDF Direct

Creating wall panelling is easy with help from our new wall panel design service. There will be no worrying about confusing calculations to work out the size of the strips. Ordering your MDF wall panelling strips is also simple:

Fill out our form (click here), giving us the width of the wall in millimetres, the height of the wall, and the height of the skirting, and leave the rest to us.

Our experienced team will get to work designing your wall panels for you. We will quickly prepare a design of how the panelling will look.

Next, we will send you a quotation for the cost of the strips needed to complete the job. We deliver throughout England and Wales within two to three days of order.

Why Choose MDF Direct for MDF Wall Panelling?

FREE MDF Wall Panelling Design Service

Our free MDF wall panelling design service makes your project much easier.

Having our experts design your wall panels at no extra charge ensures that you get a professional finish without an additional cost. Our design team will make your vision a reality.

High Quality Panels Available

From moisture resistant MDF panelling strips to ready to paint panelling strips, we have MDF available to suit every room in your home. So, if you need new panelling for your walls, you are sure to find the perfect MDF panel strips right here.

Helpful and Friendly Customer Service

Our customer service is one of the reasons that our customers return to us again and again for all their MDF needs. From MDF for furniture to MDF for wall panelling, our knowledgeable team can help with every type of MDF you need.

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Contact us today if you have further questions about our free wall panelling design service, and we will be happy to help.

How To Install MDF Panelling

Our FREE MDF wall panelling design service is an excellent way to create attractive panelled walls in your home. Our pre-cut strips of MDF have already been measured to match your room size, so you won’t need to worry about complicated calculations when trying to figure out the positioning of each strip. As part of our wall panelling kit, we tell you the materials you need to complete the job; this enables you to order these at the same as your MDF panelling strips. So, once you have received your order, you will be ready to start your home wall panelling project right away.

We have prepared this handy guide to help you install your MDF panelling and achieve the highest standard of finish. Here, we explain how to install shaker-style MDF wall panels using MDF pre-cut strips and our free wall panel design service.

Simply follow these step-by-step instructions to create attractive shaker panelling in your home:

  1. Gather your materials and equipment
  2. Preparing to install your MDF wall panelling
  3. How to install wall panelling
  4. Finishing your MDF wall panelling

1. Gather Your Materials and Equipment

Before doing anything else, it is a good idea to check that you have everything you need to complete the installation around you. This will make installing the wall panel strips much easier and save you time. Below is a list of the materials and equipment that you will need to install your wall panel strips:

  • Pre-cut MDF wood panelling strips
  • Design sheet
  • Adhesive
  • Spirit level
  • Pencil
  • Tape measure
  • Filler
  • Caulk
  • Wood primer
  • Sandpaper
  • Paint in a colour of your choice

You may also wish to lay a decorating sheet on the floor to protect it while you apply the adhesive and paint your wall panelling strips

2. Preparing to Install Your MDF Wall Panelling

As with all DIY projects, the key to achieving a high standard of finish is to take time on your preparations. Carrying out prep work will make it much easier to get your finished wall panelling looking exactly as you had hoped. Here is how to get started with your preparations:

Prep the Wall

Firstly, prepare the wall ready for the MDF strips to be applied by removing wallpaper, filling in holes, sanding down rough areas, etc.

Once your walls are prepared, it is time to get your materials ready.

Unpack and Organise

Start by unpacking and laying out the MDF panel strips on the floor. Group together the strips according to their size to make it easier for you to find the correct strip when you need it.

Next, refer to the design that we prepared for you. The design will show you the positioning for each strip and the distance that needs to be left between each one.

Create Your Template

Following the design sheet, take your pencil and tape measure and mark the position of each strip on the wall. Marking this out in advance will help you to ensure that you achieve an even result when you start fixing the strips to the wall.

3. How to Install Wall Panelling

With all your materials gathered around you and your wall prepared, you will be ready to start installing your wall panel strips.


Add Adhesive

You will need to stick the strips to the wall using glue. Applying the adhesive with care is essential to ensure that it adheres securely and to achieve a neat finish. Distributing the adhesive along the MDF stripe using a snaking method is the best way to ensure an even spread.

Start Sticking

It is best to start with the strips that will run along the base of the wall. After sticking the base strips in place, move onto the top strips that run horizontally along the top of the wall level with the ceiling. Next, adhere the vertical strips to the wall, followed by any further horizontal strips.

After sticking each of the MDF panel strips in place, you should be left with a grid pattern on your wall.

Don’t forget to check that each strip is straight using your spirit level before the adhesive is dry. Checking each strip is level as soon as it is applied to the wall will ensure that you have time to straighten out any issues before the glue is securely dry.

Once you are satisfied that the strips are straight, wait until the adhesive is completely dry before moving on to step 4.

4. Finishing Your MDF Wall Panelling

With all of your pre-cut MDF strips stuck in place, it is now time to move on to the final stages of the project.

Apply Filler

The next step is to apply filler to your MDF strips. Applying filler to any small gaps in between the MDF strips will help ensure that they all look uniform.

Use Caulk

After applying filler to the gaps, it is time to caulk the edges of the MDF strips to smooth them. Applying the caulk and then using a clean, slightly wet finger will help to create a smooth finish.

Sand the Joints

After the caulk and filler have completely dried, you will be able to sand the joints. Carefully sanding the joints will ensure that you have a smooth surface to work with and will also help the paint to adhere evenly.

Prime the MDF

You can skip this step if you purchased our ready-to-paint MDF wall panelling strips. If not, it is now time to apply primer to all surfaces of the MDF.

Paint Your Wall Panels

Now, it is time for the final stage of the project; painting. Painting your wall panels in your chosen colour will help you to see the full finished effect of your newly-panelled walls.

Once painted, you can step back and admire your handiwork and enjoy your newly-decorated room.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is MDF good for wall panelling?
Yes, Mdf is an excellent material to use for wall panelling. MDF is easy to apply to walls using adhesive, and the panel strips are suitable for installation in any room.

How much does MDF panelling cost?
Fill out our free wall paneling design service form and we will happily provide you with the MDF quote in 60 minutes.