MDF Direct will plant one tree for every purchase

We proudly offer our customers the highest quality MDF products and cutting services at MDF Direct. Alongside our commitment to providing the best MDF products, we also strive to operate our business as sustainably as possible.

As a business that sells wood products, we respect nature and believe that wood is an excellent material for producing a wide range of goods. Trees and wood products are at the heart of ensuring sustainability in the future and reducing the use of materials such as plastic. But we also recognise that planting trees is essential for food security and preserving biodiversity.

Taking care of the natural environment and preserving our forests for future generations is essential. As a business, we are keen to play our part in protecting the planet and giving back to nature.

Proud to Support Tree Nation in Planting Trees

In a bid to contribute towards global reforestation and reduce the impact of global warming, we are pleased to announce we have joined Tree Nation. Joining Tree Nation enables us to boost our commitment to sustainability and ensure that our business makes a positive difference to the world.

As members of the scheme, we will plant one tree for every purchase. So, when you buy from us, you can be assured that you have helped plant a tree and contributed to reforestation.

By joining forces with Tree Nation’s reforestation program, we can help their efforts to create a sustainable future, reduce carbon dioxide levels, and actively mitigate the effects of climate change.

Climate change is a subject that impacts everyone, from rainforest communities in South America to those of us living in the UK. It is impossible to escape the impact that carbon dioxide emissions are having on the Earth. Taking action to achieve positive change and reduce carbon emissions is something everyone can help with. Getting even one tree planted at a time can help protect our forest land for future generations. We hope that by joining projects such as one tree for every purchase, we will be able to actively boost the number of trees planted on the planet and increase that number daily.

Sustainably Sourced MDF

Our commitment to making a difference to the planet does not stop at tree planting projects. As well as committing to plant more trees, we also ensure that our MDF and plywood come from sustainable forests.

We work with suppliers that source their trees from sustainable forests and are dedicated to delivering low-carbon products putting environmental concerns at the forefront of their production. MDF is made from waste wood chip and uses timber that would otherwise be discarded.

Plywood products are an environmentally-friendly resource. This is because plywood is made from young, fast-growing trees. Being able to plant trees and utilise them quickly helps to protect established forests. Having fast-growing trees planted specifically for plywood enables mature trees planted to create a habitat for insects, animals, and birds to be left untouched, and biodiversity is preserved.