MDF Direct – Your Professional MDF Cutting Service

Are you looking for a simple and effective way to order MDF cut to size and delivered?  Do you want a quality product with fast service and accurate cutting all delivered with a friendly smile?  

Then MDF Direct is here for you.  MDF Direct offers a professional MDF cut to size service with delivery anywhere in England and Wales at competitive prices. We supply standard MDF, moisture resistant, veneered, white melamine, and ready-to-paint MDF. MDF Direct has them all for you!

How MDF Direct Was Born

MDF Direct was created with the sole intention of making it easier to order MDF cut to size and be delivered throughout England and Wales. Knowing the hassle and burden of buying MDF cut to size online, we decided to build our own website with user-friendly options to give our customers a really easy ordering process. We haven’t looked back since then and now we continue to strive for excellence in delivering quality products and services to our customers.

MDF Cut to Size and Delivered

MDF cut to size and delivered straight to your doorstep! This is what MDF Direct offers our customers anywhere in England and Wales.  We pride ourselves on keeping everything simple, quick, and accurate. This has enabled us to quickly become one of the leading suppliers of MDF cut to size across the country. 

Prompt and Top-Notch Customer Care

We have been dealing with a high number of orders and we take pride in fulfilling them with our prompt and outstanding service. Our user-friendly website makes it easier for our customers to choose their preferred product and cutting size and submit their orders for purchase.  We have friendly and accommodating customer service agents to assist our customers with their queries and needs.

Wide Range of MDF Boards and Timbers

We supply and cut a full range of MDF boards including Standard MDF, Moisture-Resistant MDF, and Ready-to-Paint MDF as well as a range of veneered MDF boards such as Oak veneered MDF, Walnut veneered MDF.  Should you need MDF Architrave, MDF Skirting, Softwood Planed Timber, and Sawn Timber, we have them too!

1.Standard MDF

Standard MDF is a fantastic material to work with and is relatively less expensive than many other alternatives, such as plywood. Its smooth and consistent surface makes it a great surface for painting and cutting.

2. Veneered MDF

Our veneered MDF can make any finished product look even more attractive with its real wood appearance. This MDF can is ideal for building shelving, bookcases, office furniture, and kitchen cabinets. 

MDF Direct offers Oak veneered MDF and Walnut veneered MDF as well as many others.

3. Ready to Paint MDF

Our Ready to Paint MDF is suitable for many applications in furniture making including bookcases and any construction which will be on the show.  The board has high-quality paint grade film on both sides so that you can paint, spray or lacquer it without pre-treatment using a solvent or water-based paint.

4. Moisture Resistant MDF (MR MDF)

Moisture Resistant MDF is specially manufactured to withstand high moisture levels found in areas such as kitchens, laundries, and bathrooms.  It is a perfect choice for building bathroom and kitchen furniture, skirting and window boards, as well as architectural moldings. 

What is MDF? What are its advantages?

MDF stands for Medium-Density Fibreboard. It is an engineered material made from wood sawdust and glue and rolled under pressure into sheets. It is much less expensive to use than regular timber and has the advantages of no knots, grain, or warping.  MDF is easy to cut and easy to paint.  It is sometimes known as the ‘painter’s friend’ on account of this.  For light carpentry projects such as building shelves, wardrobes, or boxing-in, MDF can be excellent.


MDF is built to be versatile to use. It can be painted and sprayed easily with various paints and varnishes.

Great Quality

MDF doesn’t have a natural grain which makes it an advantage as this can make working with it smooth and easy. Plus, MDF can also be coated with laminates because of its fine quality.

Inexpensive Choice

What makes MDF a good choice for many is that it is great value for money.  MDF sheets are manufactured in bulk so they can be purchased at low-cost.

Why Choose MDF Direct?

While MDF is quite easy to cut, it can produce a lot of dust and unless you have the right equipment can be difficult to cut accurately.  Make your life easier by ordering your MDF cut to size from MDF Direct.  You can be sure of:

  • Accurate cuts, 
  • Dust-free environment
  • Great value for money
  • Fast service
  • A friendly smile